Mad About The Fair

August 23, 24 & 25 2024

We are challenging our exhibitors to find ways to incorporate this year’s Alice in Wonderland theme, from colors and costumes to pastries and cakes, make big or make it small but show your imagination.  Plan on coming out to see all the work our youth have put into their projects from animals, baking, Legos, sewing and horse riding we have it all. Come see why we are Mad About The Fair.


You can get your limited edition Mad About the Fair t-shirts now for $20.  You have the option of tie-dyed or teal background shirts.


Online entries open until August 6th.  The Superintendents will be at the Fairgrounds the evening of August 6th to take in any last minute entries.  Remember, if you fill out your entry and mail it in today, entries received before July 30th will be entered into a drawing for a free fair t-shirt!  


 Junior Livestock Sale Buyers Round Up

It’s time to start talking to your potential buyers for the Junior Livestock Sale on August 24th at 3:30 PM. If you want to get top dollar for the work you have put into your market animal, you need to help make people aware of the sale.  Some potential buyers are your feed supply stores, local businesses, your neighbors, family members, and your friends families.  It may seem scary or embarrassing to ask people to come support your work, but you can’t just assume there will be a buyer willing to pay more than butchers rates for your animal.  You have put too much work into your project to let it go to market for rock bottom prices. 

Get your buyers letter together, there is an example below and then make a list of the businesses and places you want to go visit.  When making your list, talk to your parents about the companies they work with for parts, supplies and equipment, don’t be afraid to ask the dealership your parents bought a vehicle or piece of farm equipment from to support you by purchasing your market animal.  If they aren’t aware of the sale date and time, how would they know to bring their wallets and support you?  Also, look back at who bought your past market animal, make sure you get a buyers letter to them! While you can mail your letter, it is better to go in person and talk to your potential buyer; that way they have a face to go along with the name. Take a copy of your letter and leave it with the buyer as a reminder.

On the day of the sale, don’t forget to thank your buyers for coming to the sale before it starts, even if they don’t buy your animal they took the time to come support you.  

2025 Fairbook Cover Contest

Each year, we like to highlight the talent of our youth on our fair book and the fair t-shirts.  Contest Q Class1 is the Fair Book Cover Design Contest – drawings must be your own work, on a 7 1/4 by 9 3/4 sheet of paper.  It must include the following elements:

1. The Theme  – Roaring 20’s – Celebrating 20 Years at Clayton

2. It must have the words – Clayton Community Fair

3. It must have the dates of the fair – August 22, 23, 24 2025

4. It needs to include Junior Livestock Sale – August 23rd at 3:30 PM

5. It needs to be in a sheet protector when you turn it in.

6. On the back, your name, age, address and phone number must appear.

Go use your imagination and show us what Roaring 20’s Celebrating 20 Years at Clayton means to you!

Markets are Back!

The only thing you can count on in the Pacific Northwest in the summer is that every Sunday our brave volunteers and vendors will be at the fairgrounds with locally grown and made goods for sale.  Without their unending talents and our patrons loyalty, the Farmers Markets would not be a success.  But we all have fun, come sun, heat, rain or hail its just all part of the fun. Our first market of the year will be on June 2nd from 11 AM to 4 PM.  

Join us each Sunday for great deals, ice cream and grilled cheese sandwiches from our vendor.  Each week’s market brings a variety of fruits, vegetables, meat, as well as hand made crafts from local artisans.

We can’t wait to see all our loyal shoppers at the markets.  See you soon! 

Volunteer Opportunities

The Clayton Community Fair is 100%  staffed by volunteers.  We need help with just about anything during the year and we ask for help in May with spring clean up to get the grounds ready for the busy summer.  The fairgrounds are also an emergency evacuation center, in recent years our volunteers have stepped up at a moments notice to help get displaced animals into pens, watered, fed and their owners a team to trust to help them through a difficult time.  If you can help even for a few hours during the fair taking tickets, lend your gardening skills in our flower beds, spread some paint or help with whatever crazy thing needs fixed next; you are our kind of people.  We meet the 4th Tuesday of the month from 7 -8 PM at the fairgrounds in Clayton.  Come out to see what we have happening. 

Here are some things we need help with:

Aug 23-25th – all day or a few hours tell us when you are available:

* Green Barn Attendants (just watch exhibitors goods)

* Ticket Booth Attendant (collecting gate fees)

 * Runners – we just need people that can run things, get things and help keep the fair moving

* Home Depot Kit Attendant – we need people to supervise the build center for the Home Depot kits.

* Car Show Awards Makers – take any old metal or better yet, car parts and weld together a trophy. You can also enter them in the fair for a chance to win your own ribbon. 

Vendors At The Fair

Do you have a product you sell?  Do you want a new opportunity to see more customers?  Well, the fair is a great place to come set up a booth and show what you have to sell.  We have events throughout the weekend to help draw in crowds but when there is a lull in the fair action, our guests need something to do and what better than looking at your wares.

We are also looking for food and drink vendors, as they say variety is the spice of life and some variety in meals is needed.  Even if you just have snacks or ice cold drinks, when the sun is hot and the pressure in the show ring is on we need a place to grab something cold.

Vendors will setup on Thursday August 22nd from noon to 3 pm, vendors are all outside so make sure you bring a form of shade!  For food vendors, we do have some power available on-site and our vendor coordinator will be happy to talk to you about those options.

Please remember that we are a 100% volunteer staffed organization, we will get back to you as soon as possible.  For more information, please contact and you can find the vendor contract on the forms page.

Hope to see you at the fair!